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ATD has recently joined hands with ElectTV which is one of India’s most Exhaustive and Credible Source of News, Views & Opinion. With this initiative, we have marked a strong presence in the media segment empowering the group to the best possible way.

There are 100’s of TV channels, 1000’s of newspapers and lakhs of websites in India, out of which there are only 12-15 recognised media brands. Apart from 10-12 media brands, rest all have little or no differentiation in terms of content. The biggest lacunae in today’s news system is authentic on ground information, backed with some sort or verification/proofs (e.g. videos/pictures etc). As mainstream media focuses on 8-10 large issues on a daily basis, the scope of differentiation amongst magazines, channels, newspapers, websites & social media is significantly constrained, making it uninteresting for news consumers at large. The fact is that 90% of the news is “same” on any mass media platform.

  • • We the ElectTV, we are basically focusing on the up-coming general elections with a huge brigade of professionally qualified journalists covering new from all part of the country.
  • • Our USP is that we have news flashing on real time with authentic news from the ground level.
  • • Focusing on the upcoming general elections, comparing the data of all parties, market survey on election, its pre and post effects, capture all the minute happenings on the election from all over the country
    • ElectTV covers the following segments of news:
  • a. Live TV
  • b. Election
  • c. Technology
  • d. Top Stories
  • e. Campaign
  • f. Election Voice
  • g. Sports
  • h. Education
  • i. Others

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